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i feel insulted haha i sent you that message lol! xoxo 

Oh shit I’m sorry, lol. It must just be the version of the app I have on my phone because even this message came through as sent by me which is really weird. Guess it’s time to do a bit of updating. 

Please don’t feel insulted! I got off my ass and logged into tumblr on my laptop to see who sent this message! It’s been the longest time since I went on tumblr on an actual computer and it was all for you! Like it’s probably been over a year and I broke that streak just because you mean so much to me! :) 

P.S. Thanks for the messages, I feel loved. <3




My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

always reblog on a wednesday, that’s the rule.

On Wednesdays we reblog

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One of my greatest successes all year! Until I saw the girl that uses this locker trying to rub it out&#8230; I thought she&#8217;d appreciate it. 

#locker #school #graffiti #art #blink182 #music #band #teen #nofilter #mywork #itsabandthing #whatever #achievement #andijustdontcare

One of my greatest successes all year! Until I saw the girl that uses this locker trying to rub it out… I thought she’d appreciate it.

#locker #school #graffiti #art #blink182 #music #band #teen #nofilter #mywork #itsabandthing #whatever #achievement #andijustdontcare

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My Mum wonders why she can’t lose weight, yet she has a stash of lollies in the glovebox of the car.


*Aggressively listens to 5SOS at all hours of the night*


British people and Australian people are basically the same expect for the fact they like Vegemite and we like Marmite


Indirect to 4/4 + band acc



Indirect to 4/4 + band acc



So we have ants in our house because it’s australia and they come inside when it rains. And they always manage to find my hidden food, so I hung a bag full of my snacks from a hook on the ceiling. Good luck finding it motherfuckers!


people are driving around the streets BEEPING THEIR HORNS and screaming sporting events are ridiculous 


I swear the deputy principal at my school looks just like Matthew Perry. There also used to be this teacher and he kinda looked like Enrique Iglesias. Now we have this teacher and she dead set looks like Ozzy Osbourne.

Now let’s focus on the fact that I just said she.

And after randomly getting sent a message from myself my account just randomly signed out. Is tumblr just having a fit or is someone on my account? Slightly creeped out. Not okay with this. Not at all okay.

thanks for rebloggin of my blog, much love!

Why is tumblr sending me messages from me? I am not okay with this. I did not ask for this. THIS is taking the relationship too far.
Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything.